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My session with the autistic kids was quite encouraging. Since it was going to be my very first interaction with them, I was a little apprehensive regarding my abilities to deal with them. All that I knew about them was either channeled through some books or by observing them from far distance. My mind was constantly occupied with the thoughts ranging from their ability to follow my instructions to thinking of a yoga pose that would be easier for them. Being a mother of two myself, I am aware of the easiness with which my own children put me in an embarrassing situation, at times though unknowingly. Having never worked with them before, it was going to be one of its kind of an experience.

As soon as I entered the class, I found a few pair of inquisitive eyes looking strangely at me. Even I was as keen to interact with them as were they. The kids gave me a very warm welcome by saying Good Afternoon Mrs "A", the first letter of my last name. This eased my nerves and made me all the more confident. The class went pretty normal as opposed to my thoughts. All that was required as an input from my side was a little more of patience to deal with the new found problems. There were 15 kids in my class. Better control can be exercised with a smaller group as then I would be in a better position to give one-to-one attention.

The kids were able to chant ohm with me. When I demonstrated the cat pose to them, all joined me with the pose within a few minutes. Moreso all of them rhythmically said "Meow, Meow" recalling the cat calls.

My emotions had started overpowering me during the class which made determination to help them with yoga, all the more firm. It was wonderful and a fulfilling experience.