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Who is a better host? My Answer if I were the reader of this article ...

Hi All,

Thanks for every one for the comments. I know you all would be interested to know my point of view as I got this confusion?. Though I found difficult to write my answer(that's why it took so long ?), still I gave a try below:

My Conclusion

It' not that who is better host but it' what we feel. If you ask me to whom you would like to meet next time if given a choice I certainly would love to meet both.

Why I would love to go to Mr A's place Again

Though, Momentarily I felt that Mr B' as a better host. But on the other hand I kept comparing every thing in my house ever since I met Mrs A. I got so many ideas which I could easily apply to keep my house tidy. This I would call the long term enjoyment. (I am enjoying her house after coming from her house also.) I think the fact which made me so uncomfortable at Mrs A' place is because she has kept her house so neat and clean, out of my imagination with two children. I was little jealous for her cleanliness. It was hard to digest at that moment.. Infect I convinced my self that why I am not able to keep my house as hers. I told myself that I am doing more than she does in other areas like driving the kids to evening classes every day, doing yoga,····blahhh , which she does not ···so its my feeling which made me uncomfortable and not she as a host. Infect my husband felt opposite to my feeling. He was very relaxed at Mr A's house. What if I also didn't have kids, I would have enjoyed the place too. So it's not the host but might be my children or might be my less focus on the cleanliness made me uncomfortable.

Why I would love to go to Mr B's place

No doubt why I would love to go to Mrs b's place. My children and I enjoyed a lot. It does not mean that if I didn't have the children I would be uncomfortable as My husband was at her place. It is because every one has different taste and different focus in there life. Mrs B had lot of topic to talk as compare to Mrs A whose topic was all centered to the cleanliness. (In my personal view there is no end for cleaning the house and it eats up all the time ?, it needs lot of efforts and time) Every one is unique and has unique strengths and weaknesses. At one place I might be comfortable to leave my kids if I need to, at other place I might enjoy the yummy home made food, some other place I might comfortable to on sensitive matter like mother-in-law?, ····so for my social development that I should enjoy every one ····


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