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Who is a better host?

Recently, we got the invites from two of my husband's closest friends “Mr. A“ and “Mr. B“ on one of the long weekends. It was going to be the dinner party at Mr. A's place and the tea party at Mr. B's place. Both the families were new to me and I was eagerly looking forward to visiting them.(I am not disclosing their name)

First we went to Mr. A's house for dinner. We were witness to a sparkling clean house. I was secretly admiring Mr. A's wife for keeping the house so span and spike. What struck me the very next moment that my two little wonders (son of age 5 and daughter of age 15 month) were good in making mess out of just any place in a very short span of time. Though they also had two children of the same age, I was still a little worried. They hosted us very nicely. The dinner was well laid and while we stated to eat, my daughter started running with her salad bowl. And yes, within a few seconds the floor was all dashed with the salad. Even when no one was watching her she spilled water from a jug all over. But they did not feel bad and quickly cleaned the place. My children kept making mess with toys and food all over the place. Mr. A and his wife were so nice, they keep cleaning and we joined them to help cleaning. It kept happening until we left. We hardly had any time for the causal talks to each other or play any games or anything interesting together. It was going to be bedtime now····· so we left for our heavenly aboard.

As soon as we reached home I was witness to the unkempt house of mine, which made me feel depressed. The uncanny comparison struck me hard. Since it was already late, I put my children to bed and reached out for the TV remote as there was no sleep for me till then. No sooner did I pick up the remote; I realised it was not as shiny as Mrs A's remote. I immediately took the wet napkins from my daughter's diaper bag and cleaned it. Even while retiring to bed, my mind was occupied with the plans of making my house look good and neat. On breakfast table, I and my husband were full of praise for Mr. A'wife.

Next day, I kept on cleaning the entire house till the evening and then we went to the Mr B's house for the tea. As soon we entered their house I could see that it was just the opposite of Mr. A's house. The dinning table was full mess with so many snacks items. My daughter was delighted to see such a house; probably it made her feel at home. There were no worries for me too regarding the damage my kids could do to their normally kept home. My daughter started throwing the things as usual but Mr. B and his wife assured us not to worry. They said that they were comfortable with cleaning it once the party was over. We had plenty of time as we were not behind the kids. Kids were playing and we were talking with least intervention of the kids. I was amazed to see that how relaxed I was at somebody else's place with my two children. We went just for an hour but were there for good three hours as we were enjoying talking without worrying about the kids. When I reached home, I felt my house was very neat and clean as compared the Mr B's house.

Since both the meetings happened closely, I kept on thinking who was a better host Mr. and Mrs “A“ or Mr. and Mrs “B“ ? CONFUSED!!!! !! Me too···


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A very nice article. Just think at which place you r more comfortable going again and also which family u r comfortably inviting at ur place. answer lies in that. Please also share at what conclusion u ve reached.


How abt. placing youself in the place of A's family & B's family ( imagining yourself exactly in their mindset & lifestyle) & rate Gauri's family as guests on a scale of 1-10.... There is no confusion; Who ever invites you the max. number of times in the next 6 months, is a better host :-) !


No doubt Mr and Mrs A were the best host.I agree u felt more relaxed and peaceful in Mr and Mrs B's house,But maintaining such cleaniness with 2 kids is a great task.Once u start maintaining cleanliness u get used to it and the kids also try to follow you footsteps.


I would definetly say Mr and Mrs .B caz 1.Host is supposed to keep u realzed , not sressed out and enjoy your time at their place - (no offense to Mr and Mrs.A - they are used to keeping their house spic and span - Kudos for that ) 2.My house is always a mess - mainly with the toys which my 3 yr old loves to toss from his carton box - so I don't mind cleaning it either . can clearly map and associate myself to Mr and MrsB' house My husband keeps mocking - is it house admist junkyard or junkyard as a house itself.I respond .either I can cook or keep the house spic and span definelty not both .Since our son hates american food and it's junkies as well , so it;s always Indian and that too south Indian food only .So now you can understand why I vote on B' house!!!

Hima Sharma

Good article

Seema Balani

Loved the article. I am always in awe of people who manage to keep their homes clean and clutter free. And I also feel embarrased that my house always looks like a tornado just came thru, even though there's only three of us living there. In spite of the fact that I keep giving things away, and throwing things away, the piles of stuff just keep growing. So I'd like to know, from those of you who manage to keep your homes free of clutter, how do you do it?

Jaya Kumari

I think they are good in hiding the clutter from the with kid(s) has to look different...nice article

Bijal Sanghavi

I can say that inspite of clutter around Mr B's house guest had a nice time and I think that is what counts !


Hi Gauri it was a very good article,I think Jaya caught the right reason why some people's houses r clean even with kids.... ( hiding the clutter of course!!!!) or another thing cleanliness is a kind of an addiction which has struck Mrs A & not Mrs B because once u get used it u can't stop it even when there r guests around.

Gauri Agrawal

Note: Many of my friends send me a questions about my reaction if I were the reader so I here is my answer