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I had an upsurge of mixed feelings when I was about to get married. I was sorting out my priorities at my parents' place. I suddenly realized that I was attached to so many things during all these years. Unfortunately, I could not bring everything with me. The feeling turned more intense after reaching my in-laws' house after finishing with so many formal marriage ceremonies. Everything was strangely new, starting from the city to the street to the house and then to the household stuff. I was feeling as if I have been adopted by new parents. The parents who were already gratified by bring up their own children. Suddenly I was missing my parents desperately as if I hadn't met them for a long time and I felt that I would have to live forever with my new parents. Although my family called me up a couple of times I could only manage to talk formally as the phone was kept at a common place. Moreover the place was full of relatives who had come from far distances to attend the marriage. I felt all alone and missing my parents, my siblings, my friends, my old attire, my books, my room. The new family had a different culture, different food habit; different choices for clothes, different ways of entertainment···life had turned a big tide in just one day!.

After few years of my marriage I was again sorting out my stuff as I was moving from India to USA . I wasn't very interested in selling my furniture to strange people, gifting my lovely artifacts to my friends or the kitchen's food stuffs to my maids. I had tears in my eyes when I kept all of my son's toys in the living room for free pick up the week before we departed. After learning to manage clutter shock for more than a month I was still left with the stuff that could still fit in a truck. I could only bring two bags per person to the USA. I realized that I had so many stuff which I wasn't using for so many years and have kept aside thinking they “may be used“··· I was once again attached to my things.

If I look at the changes in past 10 years, it is drastic. My family used to be my mom, dad and my sister and brother. I had a sense of affection and attachment towards my dad as he gave me a secure environment, money and shelter which have been taken over by my husband. I never imagined that my own mom, dad, sister and brother will not be my family forever. I was not even 30 years old and everything changed. My sister and brother have been replaced with my own son and daughter. Sometimes unconsciously I tended to call my daughter with the same name as of my sister and my son with the name as of my brother. The only thing that wasn't replaced was my mother who had loved me unconditionally, tolerated all of my anger, my bad behavior without demanding a thing in return like a one sided source of love and affection. Even in all my documents, my permanent address has been changed to my husband' home town.

Life is changing every minute but we are unable to see the change because we are too fast paced to see it. My priorities have changed in all these years. I was obsessed with my high profile job and never imagined that one day I will be sitting at home to bring up my children. I never imagined that in real life I will be a mom and no one else can replace my occupation for my children. I am all attached to the new life now. My children are my life. But today was the first day when my son started full time school. I was left alone with my two year old daughter. I was so attached to him. He had become a part of me. I never had lunch without him in the past six years. Suddenly I was all alone at the dining table. I know after learning this much also I will get attached to my daughter who will certainly leave me one day in the same way I left my parents. If everything is just temporary then what I am attached to every day?···why do I say, this is my house, this is my car···this is my son,···some years ago this house was somebody else's··· A few years ago my parents were all my life···I could not imagine a single day without them. My family has completely changed over 30 years···again I am attaching naively to my children who would be a different family after 30 years from now···


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Shalini Thakur

this is really awesome!!completely agree with u....enjoy whatever u do....specially for the kids...

Jaya Kumari

this is so true...I have personally experienced it....nice job

Preeti Paranjpe

Hey Gauri...Very well written and touching... Keep up your writing..!

Richa Mishra

good work!u really opened my eyes!thnx

Leonard Francis

Very True !!

Suzanne DiGiammo Rayberg

oh what a great article!I would love to reprint it for the students and families at the dojo.Could we do this? And just to let you know Gauri, I see you as a wonderful parent :o) You are never too pushy, those parents will eventually get a reactive kid who goes against them. And you are never too aloof, kids sometimes need a push,those parents that dont push at all get nothing. You seem to have found a perfect place in between , that is just right !!!!

Vinita Chokhani

True and good one