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The Natural Way My Daughter Recovered from Cold, Fever, Running Nose and Ear Infection

I am a health freak and generally don't accept any medicine until the condition is alarming or the pain is unavoidable. I am bringing up my two children aged 5&1/2 years and 1&1/2 years respectively with least intervention of the allopathic medicines. At least I don't give any medicine for common illnesses like flues, cold or cough. Here I am sharing my experience with you. I hope people will be benefited regarding the natural cures for cough and cold, after going through it.

With the onset of winter (November 2009), my daughter experienced running nose which continued for 15 days. Since I believe in the natural way to combat cold and running nose, I did not give any medicine to her. Though her appetite had gone down drastically, I could live with it. But, suddenly one day she had high fever (102 F) so I was a bit worried as she was just 14 months old. I took her to the doctor and found that she has developed infection in her left ear. As usual, the doctor prescribed antibiotics for her. Though I purchased them but thought about refraining from their use for few more days. I didn't even give any paracetamol for reducing the high fever. Rather I removed all her clothes except the diaper :). Even the doctors are of the opinion that fever does not harm the kid and paracetamol is given to make the kid comfortable. Since my daughter was playful even at103 fever, I could think of skipping the medicine.

It's not the first time I tried the cloths off technique for reducing the fever but I had been brought up in this way so I was not afraid in doing so. Thankfully the fever was gone in three days time. I was happy that she recovered without the medicines. But alias..... It was not the end,..... she was still having the running nose. By now I had lost hope and patience for her recover naturally. I planed to start her antibiotic immediately. As her monthly checkup was just 2 days away, I deferred the use of medicine. Upon medical examination it was revealed that she had a mild infection in her right ear. I immediately asked the doctor regarding the status of her left ear. As per the doctor her antibiotic had done the needful. I couldn't help smiling vividly at her. Luckily my conviction worked and my baby was fine without any medication. I was happy to know that the body had fought out the infection in the left ear and in no time it will do the same for the right one too. I was expecting the fever again as I had learned that infection always bring fever with it. Oh No!she was feverish one more time. I was experiencing mood swings as she had lost 2 pound weight while she was already in her 5th percentile. It took 1&1/2 months to recover completely. But since then the body learned how to fight with the cold and it's been 4 months and winter's about to end and she has not had any fever and cold so far. CHEERS!!!!

She now plays in snow and is enjoying the winter with her crazy mother. I do not believe in taking any pain killer for small pains and discomfort in the body. I let the body tolerate and develop immunity against it. Though with naturopathy it will take some time before one recovers fully but then it has a long lasting effect.

For me prevention is better than cure. So here are few tips for prevention from cough, cold and fever :

1. Take full rest. (At least 8 hours for adults and 10-11 hours for kids)

2. Eat five small meals a day

3. 5 fruits are a must every day which should include at least two citrus fruits

4. Two hours physical work out even during the snow

5. Laughter at least 3 time a day ,...boost up the endorphin Hormone

Few tips to cure the common cold for kids:

1. Give plenty of fluids, infact try to stop giving any solids that day so that he/she can have more fluids

2. Let the kid enjoy in her or his way and make sure the kid takes an extra nap

3. Use oranges/pomegranates/lemons/kiwi/or any citrus fruits to full fill vitamin C requirement.

IT PAYS TO REMAIN NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!