Testimonial:: By School teachers and parents 

Testimonials from Parent

Hello! My husband brought my 2 daughters to the class and they absolutely loved it, thanks for the email with the pictures. We would definately be interested in futeure classes. Thanks, Lynne O'Shea

Me and my twins had such a great time at the yoga class.You are a great teacher keep up the good work!!! Your son and your daughter are beautiful. My girls look forward to more yoga classes. Thank you. Chantebullock

This was lauren's first yoga and she really enjoyed it. Her favorite part was the starfish and that she was able to relax. Thank you. Lynn Sullivan

Dear Gauri, I did think the level was appropriate. Charlie is working on the wheel barrel postion in the kindergarten class he attends. It was very helpful for him. Sara has just turned 3 and she is just learning. The kids told me they enjoyed the class. Thank you and see you next Saturday. Lisa

Dear Gauri, I thought the class was very appropriate for their young age. I am extremely interested in the eye exercises. I tutor young children and feel that many of them would profit from daily eye exercises. Nick and I will see you next week . Thank you, Mary Burke

Gauri, Thank you so much for the wonderful class you lead on Saturday. My son absolutely loved it! The level was right on target. Also, I wanted to let you know that I left the check for payment of the class with the librarian in the children's room. I look forward to seeing you Saturday. Also, my son wanted me to say thanks again for the class.

Gauri, Molly really enjoyed the class yesturday. She spoke of the activities and said some of them were really difficult but she enjoyed them and said she would like to go next week. Thankyou for offering it to this age group. See you next week. Sue O'Neil home 331-8731 cell 413-1045

Testimonials from the Teachers

The children were talking about you in class today. They were asking to do "Home" and saying how much fun your class is!!! You are adding so much to their experience at Johnson! I hope you know how wonderful and gifted you are!!!! Thank you! Talk to you soon, Tracy

Hi Gauri! How are you? Your classes are wonderful. I love the ideas you come up with. Some of my personal favorites were when you had the children make poses that matched the equipment in the gym (slide, see saw- alligator etc) and when you had them do poses that went with a song. They love to sing and do poses at the same time as it keeps their hands and minds busy at the same time. You have a lot of experience and do a fabulous job! We love your classes. The children have asked for you on days when you are not here and they are very happy when they know you are coming. You do a fantastic job and you have such a good way with them! Thank you so much for doing the classes with us. You have given me many new ideas to add when I teach. After conferences are over, maybe we can chat some more!! Talk soon, Tracy Tumbleson (Miss T) : )

Mrs. Agrawal, Thank you so much for your contribution to the Johnson Early Childhood Center! The students and staff benefitted from your expertise and guidance. I know Mrs. Perez is interested in having you come to summer camp. Please stop in to see my about this. It is a five week session from July 7- August 6 Tu Wed Thurs from 8-11 am. I am sure she could use you one session per week. There are thirty children signed up for the summer. We will wrok out the details, if you are available. Victoria Silberstein, Principal Johnson Early Childhood Center 781-335-0191

Testimonials from the Students

Hi Gauri, Thank you so much for adding me in. Your class has improved my form and practice greatly. It is wonderful to practice with a great yogi and I am fortunate to have signed up for your class. See you week after next, Paula

Hi Gauri, I love your class and the way you switch up the different asanas each week. I particularly like the relaxation on the bolster pillow vs. lying on our sides. For me, back pain tends to be my only complaint during pregnancy so anything extra to help with that would be great.Thanks and have a great week! Lisa

Good morning Gauri, Your class on Sunday at Isis was my first experience with yoga and I truly enjoyed it. So far my pregnancy has been great. If I were to make a suggestion to your class I would ask for exercises to help with back pain. That has been my only trouble so far. Thank you and I will see you on Sunday! Julie