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Silence Silence Silence.....

Silence comes when its night
It brings your attention to the drop from a water tab

Silence comes when you are in deep pain
It teaches you to feel the pain of others

Silence comes when you are in love
It brings an enthusiasm in you to touch the sky

Silence comes when your dear one dies
It brings a feeling in you of non-attachment

Silence comes when your own proves you wrong
It brings a desire to believe in yourself 

Silence comes when your own hurts you
It leads you to a spiritual internal journey

Silence comes when circumstances bounds you
It makes you more focused and directional as you know your boundaries

Silence come when you win
It brings a confidence in you

Silence of others makes you realize your mistakes
Silence of yours make others to realize their mistakes

Silence is what which brings many things without speaking a word


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Priya Tripathi

very nice poem..

Shailee Arya

yeah di i read it..very proves how telented u r..really i proud of u

Priya Tripathi

very nice Gauri ! It touched my heart.. somewhere I found myself in your story...

Madhuri Varshney