Yoga with Gauri:: Contact Information 

All current classes going on at this moment at my home studio are as below

Adult Yoga

Thursday: 6:30pm to 7:30pm, Price: $8, Drop in classes

Prenatal Yoga

Wednesday: 10am to 11am, Price: $10, Drop in classes

Postnatal yoga with newborn

Wednesday: 11 am to 12noon, Price: $10, drop in classes

Meditation and Relaxation

You can also sign up in Westwood recreation starting from 21st September, Saturday at 9am, Price: $70-$80 for 6 weeks

Note: I also teach at other facilites like Westwood recteation, Weymouth Club, YMCA, IsisParenting, Wow club!! and a few schools. To know more about my classes at other places please email me at