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There was a very poor boy. His name was Tom. He used to live in a small hut and he even didnt have bed to sleep. He used to sleep on the hard floor.

One day he was very sad that he worked so hard but he could only earn enough money to buy his bread. He was crying when his boss saw him. His boss always liked him. Boss asked Tom if he could work an extra hour and offered to pay him double wages. Tom was very happy. He said yes to this offer. Soon he was able to buy a bed.

One day Tom was invited by one of his friends on his birthday. His house was so beautiful. Tom could not imagine inviting his friends to his house. He was so sad and crying. His boss saw him crying and asked him if he could work and extra hour, he can double his salary. Tom was so glad. He started working hard. He soon got a very good house.

One day one of toms friend gave a ride in his car. Tom felt so cozy in the car and he reached to his work place so soon. Otherwise he would have walked there. He was so sad that he could not afford a car. He was crying when his boss saw him. His boss again offered him the same thing that if he could work an extra hour and offered to pay him double wages.. Tom was happily read and soon he had a car.

Tom was very smart and hardworking and soon he a big screen TV, a smart phone, laptop and many other things he had wanted. Tom was very happy with his progress but he had to work real hard to get all these things. In fact many nights he never slept. He becomes so used to wake up in the night that even if he wanted to sleep, he was sleep less.

One day Tom felt a pain in his chest and he went into an emergency where doctor told him that he had an heart attack. Doctor also told that he has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. When tom asked the reason doctor told that he had not slept properly for many years and so he developed insomnia and so other diseases.

Tom was again sad. He had a grand and beautiful bed but he does not have the sleep in his eyes. He had food but he could not eat food but he could only eat the medicines. He had everything but he could not enjoy as he was sick. He was again crying when his boss saw him. His boss told that he himself had all these problems and we cannot our body back now.. Tom was in deep depression now and shouted so loudly.

Suddenly his mom came into Toms room and asked if he had a bad dream. Tom was dreaming all these things he was so revealed and jumped out of the bed with joy and confirms that he is out of all the diseases. Mom also told Tom that it is Sunday and all of his friends are waiting for him to play.

Tom could remember the last Friday in the school when his friends were making fun of him because he always wore the same pair of pants. When tom told that no he had many pant then before he could complete his sentence, his friend taunted him back that oh yes he had many pent of same type. Tom was so happy after the dream that he was determined to not be bother by his friend as he knows he has a healthy body which is much more precious than having a few pairs of pants.