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I won the Olympics

I was watching the Olympics just before the birth of my second child in September of 2008. When I see such games I always wish I could also have done similar rewarding things in my own life. I was in my third trimester while watching the Olympics. They filled me with enthusiasm and determination to take care of myself and my baby at least if not my nation. I didn't take care of myself enough during my first pregnancy. Although I didn't have any major problem during my first pregnancy I however knew that if I had taken care, I would have dealt with these small problems more gracefully. The worst part of my first pregnancy was my lesser knowledge about the procedure to push the baby out. Somehow I assumed it's a part of the Doctor's job and I ended up with forceps delivery in spite of quite a small baby (7 pounds). During my second pregnancy I was all determined to enjoy every single day. I had nausea even during this pregnancy but I was able to manage it easily because of my awareness. I used to grab a book, watch TV or talk over the phone with my friends before I started eating and it worked amazingly. The best part of my second pregnancy was the Prenatal Yoga classes which helped me a lot to balance my emotional ups and downs on daily basis, which I messed up and occasionally added with anger and irritations as a result of these emotional ups and downs during my first pregnancy. I wish I could have taken care of my health no matter what. It is a beautiful event to give birth to a new life.

The d-day was on September 7th 2008. My belly was as big as if I was carrying twins. I didn't have any labor symptoms until my D-day. My Doctor had scrapped the membrane of my uterus a few days before but that also didn't help to trigger my labor earlier than the D-day. I was stepping up and down on the stairs 100 times in a day but nothing worked. Though I felt a strong cramping on 5th September, after taking shower with warm water as suggested by the doctor on call, it all went back to normal. Since the morning of 6th September I started feeling a very mild pressure on my hips. More than pressure I would describe it as an unusual feeling in my lower back. When I was tried observing this unusual pressure throughout the day, I called the doctor in the night. The doctor told me that I might be in labor if that pressure is periodic and asked me to observe closely. I shouted with joy as it was the labor pressures. I started to feel relaxed as I thought it could be my last day of pregnancy. I felt an amazingly increased energy inside of me and I worked so much that night to prepare the food for 2-3 days in advance and arranging the other household stuff. Before going to bed I gave a note book, a pen and a wrist watch to my husband and asked to note down the timings between pressures I was feeling on my hips. The pressures were mild and were somewhere 10 to 45 minutes apart. In the morning I started feeling a little intensely cramped. I was more excited than worried. I enjoyed preparing breakfast even with these cramps. While taking my bath I heard a weird sound. I could guess that it was a water break. Also I felt a very slow flow of water leakage. I called the doctor and they asked us to come to the hospital immediately. It was one of the happiest moments of my whole 2nd pregnancy as I was all ready mentally, physically and emotionally to deliver the baby with breathing and relaxation techniques I had learned and experimented with so far. I was calm and was not in a hurry to rush to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, the doctor told me that I am just 1-2 centimeters dilated. I was a bit tensed as I was expecting to have the dilation at least 3-4 centimeters. I started getting cramps 7 minutes apart and then much stronger. I was walking in the corridor holding my husband's hand. I was taking a break from my walk and focusing on my breathing upon getting the cramps. It continued for 3-4 hours. Soon I was tired and instead of walking I felt like handling my pain in my bed. When the next time I was checked for the dilation, it was just 3-4 centimeters. The pain became stronger and 5 minutes apart. I was still able to manage this pain for 1-2 hours. The doctor again checked the dilation and found it was not more than 5 centimeters. The pains were getting even stronger. I was very disappointed with the progression of my dilation and was feeling discouraged to manage the pain further long. I found it very hard to focus on breathing or a focal point. I started shouting and asked for the epidural as I couldn't tolerate it anymore. The doctor didn't ask me to change my mind even a single time and gave me the epidural right away. I had read in a book that the complicated part of epidural at the last moment is to stay still. I gathered all my strength and got the epidural without moving a millimeter. The doctor was surprised to see me calm in such a severe pain. Just after 20 minutes of getting the epidural the doctor again checked me for the dilation and told me that I am fully dilated and ready for pushing. I was so upset I could have done it without epidural if someone would have encouraged me or had told me a lie for the sake of good that I was progressing well with my dilation. I was very disappointed as I wanted to do it all naturally.

I let go the feeling of disappointment as I needed to focus on my pushing. I could see my own progress through a mirror. In one or two pushes I was able to see the crown of the baby's head. But then, even after working hard for half an hour the baby's head wasn't coming out. I reminded myself that I always wished to win the Olympics and it's the time to put my best effort to win this real Olympic. I gathered all my strength and worked harder and harder with no luck. I worked even more harder like a real champion and the baby's head was out but then the shoulders got stuck. My doctor told that the baby is getting blue. A team of doctors gathered in my room to take decision of surgery. Suddenly one lady doctor came in and almost climbed on me and pressed her knee on my stomach mercilessly and baby pushed out. I felt as if I was the winner of real life Olympics. It wasn't the end. I got a tear of four degrees because of hard pushing and had the surgery for more than an hour. I met my baby after a day as she was in the incubator. The doctors accepted their mistake and that my case needed a c-section because of my small pelvis. They also overlooked that I had forceps delivery in my first pregnancy. The moral of the story is that we cannot expect what will happen next in the delivery room and that we need be ready to accept the real time challenges of pregnancy and work with awareness. Yes we can make a big difference in our pregnancy thanks to the responsibility of taking care of ourselves.


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