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 Yes, he was miser 
But he bought the whole sweet in a shop when I got first in my high school...
Friends stopped talking to me If I ever shared any promotion news with them.

Yes, he was rude
but he was always there when I needed him most
People don't pick up the phone, as if I have a wrong number.

Yes, he was always an angry man
but he never pointed out my silly mistakes.
Others are well prepared to take advantage of any mistake I make.

Yes, he was careless
but he was always there for my school projects in my last minutes.
Everyone else is in their last minute of something when I need them.

No, he never taught me anything seriously,
but he always answered all my silliest questions with patience.
People first suspect my common sense before they reply.

Yes he was strict,
but he let me do many things I loved most in my own way
Others call me insane if I do the things differently 

I had misunderstood my father for many years but
then came out of his shelter and met the real people.
I found my father not the best but much better than the people around me;
I forgot all his bad qualities and only remember all his good ones.
I love my father who loves me unconditionally.