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Do You Think Honesty is Hard?

I am sure, it might have happened to you also, sometime in your life. The other day, my husband and I planned to go to a temple with our two children. The temple was quite far away from my place; around 30 miles. It was a nice sunny spring day after a long winter. We headed to the temple early morning around 10am. We all were very excited. As soon as we reached the temple, we were witness to a cultural event planned for that day. Therefore we rushed to the ground floor where these activities had already started. We both were having a great time and relived our days in India but then couldn't afford to stay for longer as our children were not enjoying them. Then we came on the first floor to worship the God and were blessed to get the prasad. The Prasad which was given in good quantity was enough to satisfy our spiritual and bodily needs.

It had been the lunch time by now. My husband's suggestion of going to some nearby Indian restaurant was unanimously accepted. It took us just 10 minutes to reach there and we couldn't stop ourselves from availing the special buffet offer for that day. We both had sparks in our eyes with watery mouth. Who would not love to enjoy the unlimited food? But it was costing us $30 per person. We quickly calculated $90 for three buffets as my 15 months old daughter was too little to enjoy the buffet. We didn't want to spend so much money for our already half full stomach. Still the buffet temptation was more than all these limitations. So to accomplish our desire and still paying less, we made a cleaver plan of buying one buffet for my husband and two small snacks for me and my son. That way we could manage to pay less and eat more. Though it costed us $60, which again wasn't less for our pocket. Henceforth, my husband started eating his meal. I also started to pretend as if I was eating only from my snack plate. I was delighted to taste all different varieties of food from my husband's plate alongside. My son was too busy with his plate and was not aware of this structured plan. Therefore I took the responsibility to feed him carefully from my husband's plate when no one was watching us.

On the way back home, I was contented with our successful food plan. On the contrary my husband's face seemed to have an uneasy look. Upon asking he said that rather than enjoying the different varieties of food we were busy in stuffing our stomach. Though I agreed with him but soon after I convinced him back that we had paid $60 and that was 2 buffet amount and our four year old son was too small to eat the full buffet. That way the restaurant wouldn't be in loss. He sighed and said, “yeah, may be“. After a while I requested him to turn the car towards the grocery shop for buying the routine stuffs. He replied instantly, “no, I am over stuffed and about to vomit“. I laughed at him and mentioned proudly to him that he should not have eaten so much even if it was unlimited. I didn't leave the chance to show him that I was smart enough to not hog on the free food and call for trouble. He laughed at himself as nothing could have been done by now. Even the imperative tasks for the weekend were postponed indefinitely as my husband's urge to vomit had worsened by the time we reached home. Though I was taking care of him but also making fun of him. Slowly I also started feeling a slight pain pervading in my stomach. It became so intense that I couldn't sleep the whole night. Instead of sleeping, we were in the toilet alternatively and laughing at each other. The next day at the breakfast table I realized that my digestion had completely stopped since yesterday's lunch. I was tangled with the thoughts to find out the reason of our upset stomach. I could not blame the food as my son was alright. I could understand my husband's indigestion as he himself admitted overeating. I could correlate my indigestion with the stress which I had undergone while eating. My focus wasn't on eating and enjoying the food rather I was more worried about the strange look of the people around me. This stress must have caused the indigestion for me. If we had accepted the fact that 3 buffet were out of reach to our pocket, we would have made intelligent decision. We could order just 2-3 small snacks which would have been more than sufficient for our already half stuffed stomach. Also it would have costed us much lesser than what we ended up paying. But greediness stopped our mind to think in the right direction. Now I understand the famous quotation that “Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom“

It is not just the food but we can't get happiness on any path of dishonesty. Somehow, I believe that the money we save by dishonesty or stealing does not come to us at all. It seems hard to be honest in this era but then it's also hard to be free from disease that sometimes results from dishonesty. It's totally up to everyone to choose the path intelligently··!!