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Cassie and her daughter

This was my first birth, and I tried to be as prepared as possible by keeping healthy, exercising regularly, and generally just taking good care of myself. Additionally, I read several good books and took many classes. I did feel physically and emotionally prepared and excited for the birth, however there was a little change in plans which I needed to quickly adapt to. I went in for my regularly scheduled 39 week appointment and the doctor told me that I had developed pre- eclampsia (pregnancy induced high blood pressure). I hadn't been feeling well the week prior to the appointment and in retrospect I should have just called the doctor. In any case when I did finally see her she told me that I needed to go straight to the hospital (no going home to get the hospital bag, which, fortunately, was already packed!). So I called my very surprised spouse and said we are having a baby today!

I went into the hospital (Brigham and Women's) and they indicated that the baby needed to come out quickly but there was no cause for alarm. They asked if I wanted a C-Section. I had explained I wanted to try for a vaginal birth, so we proceeded down that path although, they needed to give me Pitocin to move the process along. And that it did, three hours after taking it I started to push. The contractions came on quickly and endured them as long as possible before requesting an epidural. Pushing was fairly difficult. I pushed for three hours after which point the baby was not moving down the birth canal. The doctor suggested that he use a vacuum to help as the pushing was causing stress to the baby. As of course I didn't want to cause any harm to the unborn child, I agreed and the baby came out very quickly thereafter.

Overall I was very happy with the doctors and nurses and it was a good delivery. I needed to be on a magnesium drip for 48 hours after the birth due to the pre-eclampsia, which made me groggy and unable to eat solid foods and thus breastfeeding was difficult. However, after that was completed I felt much better and of course coming home from the hospital with our little daughter made it all worth while!


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