About Gauri Agrawal:: How she changed her career 

About me

I am a postgraduate in 2000 from IIT Delhi, India. After having worked for 6 years as Software professional with the IT industry, I am now into teaching Yoga, which has always been my passion. My focus is on kids, pregnant women, and adults in USA locally.

It all started around 10 years back when I consulted a yoga guru to manage my job stress while in Bangalore. Slowly yoga became a way of life for me and soon after the birth of my son, I started practicing yoga at home. Initially I referred to my notes but soon my quest for deep knowledge drove me into buying wide array of books on this topic. These books helped me to refine my postures in yoga asanas alongside helping me to combat postnatal depression.

My yoga routine made me more passionate about it and I strived for some professional help. I soon enrolled myself for "a teacher certification in yoga" and completed Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) from SVYASA University Bangalore, India

My study helped me to understand that, Yoga is not merely physical exercise (contrary to what people generally think it to be) but its a practice at mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social level. Having comprehended this I could now feel my session in yoga more satisfying and fruitful.

Teaching in Bhagavad-Gita says, "Yoga karmasya kaushalam" which means "YOGA IS RELAXATION IN ACTION AND EFFICIENCY IN OUTCOME". So I try and make sure that anything and everything I do, I do it with a relaxed mind thereby enjoying doing it. Work should be our focus and not the results.

Note: "Bhagavad Gita" is a sacred scripture from ancient India