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Why she does not dance like me...!!

There were two sisters Tiny and Shiny. Shiny was 7 years old and tiny was 3 years old. Shiny was very energetic but Tiny was just a couch potato. Whenever Shiny used to ask Tiny to play any game which involves physical movement, Tiny used to make so many excuses.

Shiny was tired of getting no for an answer from Tiny for every game she wanted to play with her. She complained to her mama that she wants a new sister. She asked Mama to throw Tiny into the dustbin and bring her a new sister.

Mama tried to convince Shiny that every person is unique and has different interests and different focuses in their life but Shiny was not ready to listen her. Then Mama made a plan for Shiny. She told Shiny she can have a party with all little girls of their family and friends who only like dancing, jumping and running. Then Shiny can choose any girl to replace her little sister Tiny. Shiny was very excited after hearing this plan. Shiny and her mama sent the invitation to all of family and friends as below


Hello Dear Parents,

This invitation is for any of your little girls who has an interest in dancing, in running, in jumping or in anything which will keep them moving all the time. Make sure she should be energetic and doesn't stay at one place for more than five to ten seconds. The party will be for two hours and we will provide Pizza, pastry, ice cream and cool drinks to everyone.

Venue: Our garage Time: 9:30 am to 11:30 am

Note: If you have a girl who has other different interests than jumping, running or dancing, she will not be allowed to this party.


There were more than 10 girls who were coming to this party. Their mothers have taught them that they need to keep moving. They are required to either jump, run or dance but can't stay still for more than five seconds to be in the party.

Now the party started. Shiny was standing at the door to receive her friends. But all the friends were told to jump, run or dance all the times so Shiny was hardly able to shake hands with anyone. As soon as she tried to approach the girls with her hand to shake, the guest girl was jumping high. It seemed weird to her the first time that jumping should not be done all the time. Still Shiny was excited. All the children were bouncing all the time even while eating or drinking. So there was a mess all around the garage. Shiny wondered initially why mom kept the party in the garage and not in their big living room. But now she didn't need any explanation. Shiny got her new dress all splashed with different flavors of ice cream within just a few minutes after the party started rocking. Shiny was so frustrated with a few little girls who were dripping on her dress with the ice cream. Just while Shiny was trying to get rid of these little girls all of a sudden she slipped off on a pizza piece fallen on the ground. She got boo-boo on her knees and elbows. She wished the party would be over quickly. She didn't have any energy left to enjoy this party. Suddenly she thought for a second that Tiny hardly makes such messes!! She started feeling very proud of little sister Tiny...!!