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Magic Mantra

Once Upon a Time, there was an 8 years old girl named Shiny who was very sad when she came back home from school. Mom took Shiny onto her lap and asked the reason of for her sadness. She was almost crying when she replied that no one wants to play with her at school. Mom had already heard this many times from Shiny. When Mom asked the reason why her friends do not want to play with her, Shiny took a deep breath and said that she thinks that no one likes her. Mom wondered how Shiny knew that. Shiny was puzzled when Mom asked her why she was so sure that no one likes her. So then Mom asked Shiny, “ Do you have a tail or do you stink?“ Shiny laughed and said, “No“. Mom also joined in the laughter. She asked further , “Don't you share your things?“ Shiny raised her voice and said that she always let her friends use her stuff. Mom again, emphasizing her question, asked if Shiny was 100% sure that not a single girl in her class likes Shiny. Shiny took a long pause and replied, “ I think it's me who does not like many girls in my class, but other girls, who I like, do not want to play with me. That's why I feel that these girls do not like me.“ Mom was glad to hear this and concluded, “That means not all the girls dislike you·right?“ Shiny replied proudly, “Yes“. Mom told Shiny excitedly that she knows a Magic Mantra which can hypnotize people and then you can ask them whatever you want. Shiney's eyes sparkled after listening to this tale of a Magic Mantra.

She asked Mom to give her that Magic Mantra right away. Mom warned Shiny that the Magic Mantra does not work just like that. Shiny needed to work hard to get used to it. Shiny was in hurry to use it, so she said she is ready to do anything to get this mantra. Mom asked Shiny if she could tell Mom why Shiney does not like many girls in her class. Shiny suggested to Mom that she could make a list of all girls who she does not like and for what reasons. Mom liked her suggestion, so Shiny prepared this list:

1. Mona: She comes to school late, so she always gets punished by the teacher and no one in the class is her friend.

2. Tina: She is a very fat girl and everyone laughs at her on behind her back.

3. Alisha: She does not play games and she just likes to chit chat.

4. Savana: She just loves to play with her dolls at recess time, and I want to play ball games instead.

5. Harshi: She is very mean and does not share her toys at all.

6. Blah·

7. Blah·

Mom asked Shiny to make one more list of qualities Shiny would love to have in any girl who would be her friend. Shiny was excited as she thought mom was going to give her the magic mantra once she was done with that simple task.

Here is the list of qualities Shiney desired in someone she would consider to be a friend and whose company she would enjoy.

1. She should be Energetic,

2. She should be good at playing ball games,

3. She should not be mean,

4. She should never say no when Shiny wants to play with her,

5. Blah·

6. Blah·

Mom gave Shiny the last task which was a bit harder. Mom asked her to make the 3rd list of all good things of the girls in her class whom Shiny never liked enough to be as her friends. Shiny replied that she was not interested in doing this task. Mom warned her that she needed to complete this task in order to get the magic mantra working. Mom also told Shiny that she needed to spend a little time either during recess, or during the bus ride with such girls, to learn more about them. Shiny reluctantly said okay, as she was desperate to get the mantra which can hypnotize people.

Next day Shiny went to the school and started paying attention to the good things about Mona, the first girl she never liked; the girl who always came late to school. She didn't find any good qualities in Mona during the class. At the recess time, however, Shiny observed that Mona playing with a ball all alone. Shiny was amazed to see how good Mona was at kicking the ball against the wall. Mona was kicking the ball on a wall over and over again without missing a single chance. To know more about Mona, as per her Mom's suggestion, and to start a conversation, Shiny asked Mona if she could play with her. Mona did not have any a friends to play with her anyway, so she said immediately, and enthusiastically, said “Yes!“.

Shiny was so involved with Mona that neither Shiney nor Mona realized that recess time was over.

Mona thanked Shiny for playing with her and told Shiny that it was one of her best days at school because of how much fun she had at recess.

Shiny felt the same. Shiny came back home and told mom in a vibrant voice about Mona. Mom reminded Shiny that she still needs such information about the other girls as well. But Shiny liked Mona so much that she was playing with her at recess time every day. Thus, she was not able to find the time to catch up with her other friends. Shiny knew that magic mantra will not give her the magic she wants until she completes her at school assignment given to her by Mom.

The next girl in her list was Tina, who comes to the school very early in the day as her mother works in the early hours. So, Shiny asked Mom if she could drop Shiny at school an hour earlier just one day, so that she could catch up with Tina. Mom was okay with Shiny's plan. The next day Shiny was sitting with Tina in the cafeteria at the breakfast table. Tina asked Shiny why she had come so early. Shiny told her a lie: that today her mom was also working in the early hours of the day. Shiny started interviewing Tina about what she usually does after coming to school so early. Tina told her that she does math puzzles and Sudoku book which her Mom keeps in her back pack.

Shiny's eyes sparkled as she, too, was good at math and Sudoku


Shiny asked Tina a couple of Math questions to judge Tina's ability. Tina replied correctly to all the questions. Then Tina also asked a few math questions, not to interview Shiny, but out of curiosity that some is like her. Shiny was able to answer her question, but she answered a few questions incorrectly. Meanwhile, Tina challenged Shiny by asking if she could complete one Sudoku faster than her. Shiny accepted the challenge but then they heard the first bell and had no time for this competition. Shiny promised to finish the competition tomorrow.

Shiny came back home, told everything to her mom all about Tina, and asked if Mom could leave her off a bit early at the school one more day . Mom hesitated at first, but seeing Shiny's great enthusiasm, she decided to drop her off early at school, and she reminded Shiny to work at learning about the other girls as well in the same way.

Shiny kept working with every girl on her list of girls she always hated She prepared the list of all good things about these girls and gave it to Mom. She asked her mom to give her the Magic Mantra now. Mom replied that she already had it. Surprised, Shiny asked where it was? Mom asked Shiny if she could remember why she was in need of the Magic Mantra. Shiny replied, “Yes, I know I wanted the girls in my class to love playing with me. “Soon Shiny realized that, for many weeks, she had been playing with one or the other of the girls she thought she did not like while coming to know and like each them.

Shiny thought for a second that she might not need the mantra anymore. But she asked her Mom to tell her mantra anyway.

Mom was laughing and told Shiny that she had been looking only at bad things in the girls she always hated. “Once you started seeing the good things, you found so many friends to play with you.“ Mom also told Shiny that it takes a lot of practice to just focus on the good things in others, and that is the simple mantra by which you can hypnotize people.