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I want to organize my room in my way..!!

There was a girl named Shiny who was seven year old. Shiny never liked that she always had to follow her mama's rules. Shiny always thought why she couldn't do certain things which Mama and Dad could do. Why mama had to decide everything like what to eat, when to sleep, when to play, what to buy and almost everything. I had always been a big fight between Mama and Shiny.

One day Mama asked Shiny to clean her room as Mama had invited Shiny's friends for a play date the next day. Shiny was excited but she announced that this time she would clean her room in her own way. She would first reorganize her room. Mama tried to explain that she could organize her room at some other time but Shiny was not ready to follow her mama's instructions this time. Mama allowed Shiny to organize and clean her room by herself. Shiny was very excited about having responsibility all by herself. She shut the door and made a plan. She had learned from her Mama that she needed to organize her room in such a way that things could be accessed easily. She thought the ceiling a better place to hang everything there so that, whenever she needed anything, she could just lookup and she would know where it was. She also had got the idea of hanging everything from the ceiling using cello tapes. She decided to discuss with mama before implementing her ideas. Shiny called her Mama into her room for help. Mama liked her plan but advised her to hang just a few things to see it that if her plan would work, and, if it did, she could probably hang everything from the ceiling. Shiny had sparks in her eyes. She started hanging all the puzzle pieces first. It took several hours for her to hang them all to the ceiling. She got tired and her hand and neck began to hurt as she had never had her hand and neck up for so long.

Shiny was very excited to have her friends over the next day. All of them were amazed to see all the puzzle pieces stuck to the ceiling. Suddenly one of the pieces fell down on one of her friend's head. Shiny was scared and thought what if it one of the heavy pieces had fallen on my friend's head? The puzzle pieces kept falling on her friend's head.The room was full of laughter. At some point Shiny invited her friends to play with the puzzles But it was a very tedious job finding the pieces on the ceiling. Shiny had an idea and told her friends that today she had a different way of playing puzzles. She announced that what they all needed to do was first chose any puzzle individually and then find all the pieces of that puzzle. Whoever gets all the pieces first will be the winner. Everyone started searching for the pieces of their puzzle. Since everyone was looking at the ceiling all the time, there had tummy to tummy and back to back collisions occasionally. The room was again full of laughter. All of them kept searching for their puzzle pieces. All of them worked for several hours but no one found them all and it was soon time for everyone to leave.

Mama realized that Shiny had a better time than if Mama hadn't allowed her daughter to organize her room herself. Mama observed that Shiny showed great enthusiasm when trying the things in the way Shiny wanted. Mama was amazed to see how Shiny's friends were engaged, better than ever by themselves, with a lot of laughter. Mama asked Shiny if she wanted to continue her idea of hanging everything on the ceiling. Shiny was so tired and her hands and neck were so sore that she just hugged her Mama and fell asleep. When Shiny woke up in the morning, she understood that it takes experience to get the things working. For the first time Shiny was happy to follow her Mama's rule at least for the day.